From freaky fauna to mass experiences and everything else that can't be easily labeled and categorized.

black-eyed children

Black-Eyed Children, What Are They?

Let's face it, the internet was made for stories like that of the black-eyed children. When not obsessed with cat videos or the latest Trump tweet, the internet is...

Plane of young family goes missing over Bermuda Triangle

It would seem that the Bermuda Triangle is responsible for yet another plane gone missing. ABC News is reporting that a plane leaving Puerto Rico headed for Florida was...
salem lamp post

Salem Mayor posts eerie picture of a lamp post

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll has set the town and the internet on fire with this photo of a lamp post in front of the Salem court house. Nestled right...

Isla de las Munecas – The Island of the Dolls

Some stories are weird because they're out there and unbelievable and others are bizarre because they're sad and curious. This one is all of the above. The story of...

Are these wild turkeys trying to resurrect this cat?

Fowl can be pretty creepy but this is on a different level. This footage was captured in Randolph, Massachusetts and it shows a procession of wild turkeys marching in...

Mysterious conspiracy packages discovered in the Welsh Valleys

Found in packages marked 'Please read and ask questions', the bundles have been disocvered all over the Valleys. The packages include a disc which contains a wide range of...

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