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Angels and demons and everything in between. Is your Ouija board a tool of the devil?

witch trial

The Legend and Curse of Moll Dyer

The legend of Moll Dyer has just about everything you'd ever want from great American folklore. You have your frontier town filled with god-fearing, hard working frontier folk. You...

Does this video call show real possession or something else?

It seems the phenomenon of possession is becoming more and more popular, with new videos popping up on the regular. This one however, is quite interesting. https://youtu.be/cnW4oX4v1n4 There's nothing about...

The Mystery of Croatoan

Croatoan is one of those words that sets the mind afire with curiosity and possibility. For those of us invested in such things, it is a deep-seeded mystery going...

Creepy baby video leaves many questions unanswered

Nanny cams can be quite handy when looking after our young ones but who could prepare for this. The following footage shows a young baby performing an astounding feat...

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