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Lights in the skies, lost moments in time and UFO's all over the place. Out of this world stories go here.


Watch video of possible triangle UFO over Exmouth, England

Sometimes you wait your whole life for something to happen and when it does you can't believer it's finally here. That's what happened to a local Exmouth bus driver...

Glowing UFO spotted over West Kelowna, BC

In some pretty spectacular footage a man has captured what appears two glowing objects flying at a good pace over West Kelowna, British Columbia. The video footage which was...

Leaked footage shows drone following UFO and then being fired upon

YouTube channel UFO Today has released a new video which seemingly shows a drone over the hills of Afghanistan following a UFO. The UFO disappears behind a mountain but...

Stunning Hi Def footage of brand new Crop Circle

The UK crop circle scene had been fairly quiet as of late. That was until last week when four new formations popped up and had everyone documenting like crazy....

Mysterious hole found found on Mars

The surface of Mars is no stranger to holes and odd formations but they can usually be easily explained. In the case of this new hole however, it's a...

Watch a UFO react to man recording it

A video recently released by the Secure Team 10 group shows some pretty amazing footage of a UFO seemingly interacting with the man shooting footage of it. The man...

Famous UFO museum about to get major renovation

The International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico hasn't changed much since it opened 1991 but that's all about to change. KOP4 is reporting that the...

UFO believer disappears without a trace and leaves mysterious room behind

A young man who has been described as a UFO fan has gone missing without a trace in Brazil. That wouldn't be altogether mysterious except for the small room...

First crop circle of the year appears in Wiltshire

The first crop formation of the year has appeared in a field at Cherhill, Wiltshire and it's a bit of a head-scratcher. The formation itself shows a smaller circle...

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