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Herd of 13 cows mysteriously jumps off cliff

This is a really freaky one folks. Swiss farmers are left completely stunned when last week 13 cows broke out of their pen, ran towards a cliff and jumped off. The 50 meter jump killed all but one of the beasts. It’s assumed it lived by landing on the animals that had already fallen but it to be taken to a vet in nearby Bern.

“The cows broke through several lines around the pasture before finding themselves on the ridge. They fell into the void, as though they were forced into it,” said Norbert Terrettaz, president of an farming insurance company in the region.

At this point it’s unclear what caused the cows to behave this way. Cattle don’t typically follow each aimlessly like sheep do, rather when startled they tend to scatter and run in several directions.

A running theory is that some sort of unknown predator herded the cattle out of their pens and towards the cliffs edge collectively. There is however, a snag in that theory. In the same field as the cow there was a group of yaks, seemingly minding their own business. These yaks were left completely untouched and unbothered. If there was some sort of large predator hunting the cow, why would they leave the yaks alone.

Still a great many questions and it’s an odd event any way you look at it.

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