It would seem that the Bermuda Triangle is responsible for yet another plane gone missing. ABC News is reporting that a plane leaving Puerto Rico headed for Florida was lost somewhere over the Triangle.

Debris was found 15 miles east of Eleuthera, Bahamas during a 8,200 square miles, 30-hour search.

The family consisting of Jennifer Blumin from New York, 40, her two sons, ages 3 and 4, as well as Nathan Ulrich, 52, from New Hampshire were flying in a twin-engine Mitsubishi MU-2B.

Miami Air Traffic Control reported that they lost contact with the flight just 3 hours after take off. The coast guard has also reported in that no adverse weather could have caused the crash as it was it clear weather the whole way. Which leaves mechanical or human error as the next probable culprit.

Unfortunately it seems this latest tragedy will join a long line of mysterious disappearances that happen over the Bermuda Triangle. We hope for their families that they get a firm resolution to what happened out there.


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