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Creepy video evidence of river monster in China

Is it safe to swim anywhere now days? Apparently not as swimmers visiting the Zhelin Reservoir near Jiujiang learned recently. What they captured that day was remarkable footage of something quite large in the distance, wading in and out of the water. Here’s the the footage that was released on the 25th.

While the date and time of the sighting remains unclear, this report by the Mirror places the location as Mount Lu Xihai Resort in Jiujiang City in East China’s Jiangxi Province. The report also implies that the witnesses believe the beast to be 16 to 19 feet long, just by eyeballing it.

So is this Nessie’s Chinese cousin? It’s hard to say. To begin with the video is incredibly blurry, making any sort of object identification nearly impossible. Sure, this could be some sort of serpent monster rising from the depths of China but it could also be driftwood. Then theres the matter of the sturgeon. See, not too far off from the Zhelin Reservoir is the Luoping Sturgeon Farm, Chinese sturgeon are known to grow to be as large as 16 feet. One could have escaped into the waters of reservoir and proceed to scare the hell out of unsuspecting swimmers.

It’s important to note here also that the Zhelin Reservoir has no history of strange beasts floating in the waters. Being a man made water source it’s been relatively boring since it’s opening.

In the end we might never know what that shape was in the distance.

Written by Robert Barnes

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