Reports of the Mothman are actually much more common than you’d think. Eye witness accounts come in all of the time of a large man-sized creature with wings and red eyes flying about and generally causing a stink. These reports come in from all around the world and most of the time are one-offs and don’t amount to much.

This is different.

Reports have surfaced that THREE separate sightings have occurred in the Chicago area in a short amount of time. The reports are being investigated by MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, and for all we know, more may be incoming.

The Mothman legend evolved into folklore when it a creature was seen multiple times in Point Pleasant, West Virginia area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967. The events were later popularized by author John Keel in his 1975 book, The Mothman Prophecies and then again in 2002 in a movie of the same name.

In the book and the movie the Mothman is a sort of supernatural omen of bad tidings. A creature that can see than we can and even warn us should it choose to.

In this instance, it would seem the Mothman has been seen THREE times.

Roger Marsh, MUFON director of communications, said: “A Mothman-type creature is being reported in Chicago by three separate witnesses over a four-hour period, according to three witness reports from the MUFON witness reporting database.

“The cases took place between 10 pm on April 15, and 2 am on April 16.”

The first witness was out on Lake Michigan with her husband and two other couples celebrating a friend’s birthday.

She said: “We were about two miles out on the lake, just off of Montrose at about 10 pm.

“We were enjoying ourselves when I happen to look up and saw what looked like a giant bat, and not like a fox bat.

“This bat was as tall as my husband, who is 6-foot, 4-inches, or even bigger.”

She said it was solid black with eyes that seemed to reflect the moonlight.

She added: “This bat circled the boat three times in complete silence before heading off towards Montrose. It quickly blended into the night sky and was gone in seconds.”

About five minutes after seeing the creature, the same witness saw a bright green object traveling north to south at the horizon.

She said: “I began feeling this overwhelming sensation of dread and told my husband that I felt that it was prudent that we get off the water as quickly as possible.”

Thirty minutes later, another witness was “hanging out with my boys and a few friends” in Chicago at 10.30pm.

She said: “As we talked about work and our families, we heard what sounded like a bird flapping its wings.

“One of my homies yelled out that he saw a huge Lechuza over by the road.”

The Lechuza is a Mexican urban legend or myth about an old woman who can turn into a giant, black bird.

She added: “We walked over there and saw what looked like a big owl.

“As we walked up on it, this owl stood up on two feet and looked right at us.

“We saw what looked like a huge Lechuza, except it was about six feet tall and really big. It had large glowing red eyes that were completely freaking everybody out.”

The third report was at 2am on April 16.

The man said: “I arrived for work at 2am at the Chicago International Produce Market just off Damen and as I walked across the parking lot a bunch of guys were staring up at the sky.

“I looked up and saw the biggest freaking owl I have ever seen! I’m 6-foot, 2-inches, and I’m guessing this thing was at least a foot taller than me.

“It was completely black except for it having bright yellowish/reddish eyes like a cat.

“It stood there for a minute or two staring at everyone before shooting up into the sky and disappearing.

“It made everyone feel very uneasy and only took off after some guys threw some rocks at it.

“It had wings on it like an owl, only bigger and you could hear it flap those wings when it took off.”

MUFON continues to investigate the situation as well as collect further reports of new possible sightings. They encourage everyone to stay skeptical until eye witness interviews can be completed and validated.

Always good advice.


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