Is this the Jersey Devil outside of Jersey? Who knows but the image is pretty great.

The photo was taken by two gentlemen traveling outside of Philadelphia. As reported by Cryptozoology News, 32 year old R.W. wrote in stating: “I was driving back from Philadelphia. I don’t really remember the exact part I was at,” he explains. “Me and my friend were in the car and we saw what seemed to be a massive vulture in a tree, it was getting dark out, so we couldn’t make out the features well at all. I told him to get his phone out for a picture.”

The image is clearly of the creature taking off from its previous position and is relatively un-blurred. Aside from the dark and stormy night it’s relatively clear.

It should be noted that Cryptozoology News put the image through some testing and did find that it had been compressed proving possible funny business going on. On the hand, it could be a really big bird.

You be the judge.


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