We love us some prime Bigfoot video and this one is pretty good.

As the story goes, the above video was taken in 2010 by a 9-year-old boy who had been seeing a large hairy creature roaming in the woods near his neighborhood for quite some time. Thinking ahead he placed an HD Flip Camera at the ready until finally one day he was able to get a semi-clear shot of the beast out the window. Good job little man!

On further examination experts have concluded that whatever it was had a uniform color, a cone-shaped head and a compliant gate. Apparently they were also able to tell that it had large grey foot pads under it’s feet. That’s a lot of impressive detail from this one little video.

Whether it’s real or fake is hard to tell. I do wish that the camera had been a little more steady while focusing on the creature but that’s what you get from these homemade videos.

Pretty compelling stuff overall.


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