Historically the creatures we’ve come to know as mermaids have been largely contain to the ocean. In this new video, sent to APEX TV, a mermaid like creature is reportedly caught on camera in a freshwater lake in the northeastern United States.

The video itself has been make its making through the usual circles and at first glance is quite odd. First, the clip that we’re allowed to see is quite short, nothing is available of the before and after of the big reveal of the tail. Second, the water is quite excited around where the tail shows up, what’s this from? Third, the tail itself seems hinged on two leg-like bones under the skin, either pointing towards a fake costume or some sort of biology we don’t understand.

The concept of a freshwater mermaid is incredibly appealing, with so many massive water ways yet to be explored, who knows what lurks in their deeps. Is this the sign of something like this? I don’t know. Given how little we know of the location, the footage conditions, the person who recorded it, it’s all very difficult to tell.

For now, chalk it up to another mystery.


  1. I don’t know… it looks pretty out there to me. You can clearly see the ankles and legs under the “skin” and the “swimming” seems wrong. I’d call it a fake without knowing more.


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