Another ghostly picture has been making its way around the net creepers and this time it has the added bonus of being a creepy little kid. Extra shivers.

The pic comes courtesy of a trail camera in the upstate New York, Cambridge, apparently right off Route 74. The image shows the clear image of a little girl skipping along in the woods. There’s definitely some distortion near the legs that makes it look like she’s blending in with the background but that can easily be attributed to poor camera quality.

Adding fuel to the fire of this whole thing is the local legend of a young girl who was supposedly hit and killed on the train tracks nearby.

The local police chief is now busy fielding phones calls from everyone between grand fathers and psychics to try to get this figured out.

While it’s definitely an interesting picture these are the ones you have to look out for the most. The quality is too good and the path is clearly open. This seems more than likely just to be a little girl playing in the woods but who knows.

UPDATE (May 4, 2017):

It seems our instincts were right on this one. A man named Chic Wilson, a ski-resort owner in Greenwich, has come forward to say that the girl in the photo is his granddaughter. She is very much so alive. The photo was taken during a nature hike.

So that’s it for this one. No creepy little girl skipping along in the woods. Maybe next time!


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