The paranormal tour group, Haunted Happenings, never meant for this to happen but during a recent visit to the now closed-down Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage in Liverpool, England the investigating paused for a group photograph. That image later revealed a smiling apparition staring back at them.


While the tour organizers were shocked at the appearance of the ghostly figure, those who know the 99,000 square-foot labyrinth that is Newsham aren’t as surprised.


A mass of winding hallways, hospital wards, chapels and mortuaries, the building has what can only be best described as a checkered past in its 138-year history. It comes as absolutely no surprise that it is a hub of paranormal activity. From the institutions inception with a hundred children to it’s peak where it housed well over a thousand, its history is mired with stories of neglect, abuse and even death.

Since it’s closure, Newsham has become a hotbed for paranormal investigation. With good reason. Brave visitors often report events ranging from witnessing dark figures stalking through the hallways, hearing the voices of children and invisible hands pulling at people from every direction. One of the most common reports include that of “a small child on the top floor corridor and shadowy figures on Ward G”, and brave investigators who sneak down to the basement have recorded mysterious dragging noises emanating from the Dining Room, even when the room is clear.

With this latest evidence the owner swear by its legitimacy, stating they could no more photoshop a ghost than fly a 747. It’s certainly compelling and a picture to remember.


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