A group of psychic investigators from the Devon based Silent Voices Ghost Hunts team have captured the incredible image above. The picture was taken by Ryan Doyle at the Torquay Museum using a full-spectrum camera.

Jay Dalley from Silent Voices said: “The image was taken at Torquay Museum by Ryan Doyle in our team and has been digitally analyzed and shown as genuine. It is the clearest image we have ever seen and it’s caused a stir through our Facebook page and on the net where we have posted it.

“The facial features are so clear, and note the clothing and cupping hand bottom right. This figure was NOT visible to the eye when taken!”

Seeing as the apparition was not able to be seen with the naked eye, Ryan and company didn’t even know they had something until they were reviewing images the next day. The team went on to say that they have analyzed the image for any sort of tampering or inconsistencies and everything seems to be above board.

If the picture is legit it’s certainly a great example of spectral photography.


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