I’ve got a full feature coming up on the history behind The Black Eyed Kids but in the meantime this is a pretty neat story.

An unnamed paranormal investigator who runs the YouTube channel Fantastic Daily has been putting out some really interesting stuff. In this specific video he claims to have worked out, along with other researchers, a secrete means of communication used by the Black Eyed Kids.

Now, stay with us here but this sort of makes sense. See, what the Black Eyed Kids are most known for is their propensity at abducting people. To do this you need a high degree of coordination and communication. To do that you need a language.

This is what he claims to have found. But let’s not stop there though, he then takes that knowledge and sets up a trap in his house to see whether he can lure in a BEK.

The trap consists of a laptop running this newly found hidden means of communication, which resembles the sound of pure static , on a constant loop. Nearby a camera is recording out a window which overlooks what I’m assuming is his front entrance.

The first couple of nights are fairly uneventful as he plays around with the parameters and surroundings of his experiment. Then on the fifth night, just as he’s about to quit the trap for good, a shocking image of an apparition appears through a window and near the front entrance. The image itself is incredibly clear and according to the host of Fantastic Daily the apparition stayed for nearly an hour until it finally faded into darkness.

What follows is him being woken up by a sound outside and then creeping around looking for whoever made the noise. I’m not sure I’d be skulking around in the dark like that but whatever floats your boat. He also takes a drive down a winding road near his house to see whether he can spot anyone running away from his house but in the end he finds nothing.

Listen, there’s no denying that this is pretty incredible footage but there’s also no denying that you could easily fake this. We have to keep a skeptical mind while also being respectful to the work that’s been done here.

If true, this is some of the most clear footage we have an apparition to date and that’s amazing. Whether this is an actual Black Eyed Kid or maybe just a curious ghost is hard to tell but the folks Fantastic Daily are certainly convinced.


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