Clearly not everyone is happy with the new president Donald Trump but you know you’re in trouble when the witches are after you too.

In an effort to rid the world of The Donald, a group of witches and occultists have arranged for a mass binding spell to begin this month during the crescent moon and to be redone during following crescent moons so long as he remains in power.

Many reports suggest that this is unprecedented and involves quite a large number of witches. The group has a Facebook page with over 14 thousand likes and over 13 thousand followers. They also have a group gmail,, for additional questions.

The spell does not involve doing any harm to anyone but rather is a binding spell to rid Donald Trump and those around him of power. Ingredients for the spell include an unflattering photo of Donald Trump, a tarot card, an orange candle, matches and more. Once the ingredients are collected, anyone is welcome to casting the spell.

Regardless of the reasons it’s always nice to see like-minded people get together with a similar goals.


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