The International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico hasn’t changed much since it opened 1991 but that’s all about to change. KOP4 is reporting that the world famous museum is about to undergo a major renovation that will see some big changes come about.

Jim Hill, Executive Director of the museum, says that they have conceptual drawings of the changes complete. “As we work in towards the museum it’s going to be more open, interactive and [have] a lot more modern technology.” he went on to say.

While still in the early stages, construction may start as early as December. The cost of the project is said to be in the hundred of thousands of dollars but will be paid for from ticket sales and merchandise sales.

Certainly the many people who flock to the museum every year will love to see this update and with new technology they can really hit this one out of the park. It’s an exciting time to live in Roswell.


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