In some pretty spectacular footage a man has captured what appears two glowing objects flying at a good pace over West Kelowna, British Columbia.

The video footage which was released last week was taken April 27th at approximately 7:30 PM. The man who captured the footage was traveling home with his three daughters when his six-year-old said: “Daddy, what are those lights in the sky.” Pulling off the road he proceeded to take this video with his phone.

“At first I wasn’t sure what to make of them.

“I thought they were some sort of flares or even military aircraft doing some sort of exercise.

“But since I live in the Okanagan valley and there is no Air Force bases in the area, I knew they were not any of conventional military aircraft.

“The objects that I was observing were absolutely silent. Given the way these object were moving in the sky, I then realised that what I was witnessing was not a normal or easily explainable occurrence and was most likely Extra Terrestrial in nature.”

Those commenting on the video say that it may simply be reflections off a window, which honestly doesn’t look very likely. Others have noted this might be the sun reflecting off a flock of birds, which the formation would certainly suggest as being possible, as well as the time of time.

Whatever it was, it certainly is great footage.


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