The UK crop circle scene had been fairly quiet as of late. That was until last week when four new formations popped up and had everyone documenting like crazy.

The above footage comes courtesy of Matthew Williams, via Crop Circle Connector, a website dedicated to documenting crop circle formations all over the world. The super hi def video shows great shots of the Stanton St Bernard crop circle that appeared overnight last week.

According to at least one report “this particular formation, one of the four, appears to depict a solar eclipse and bears a striking resemblance to a 2004 design that also showed such a celestial even. Intriguingly, much like how the 2017 crop circle predates this summer’s solar eclipse by three months, so too did the 2004 formation.”

So there you have it. Crop circles are back with a vengeance and they continue to be a little bit creepy.


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