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Utah Bigfoot spotted on mysterious video

Utah Bigfoot is more common than you might think. Maybe it’s the lovely cul…err, people, in Salt Lake, or all that diversity but Sasquatch do seem fairly attracted to the the state. We’ve seen a fair number of sightings throughout the area over the past few years.

In this new video we see a couple driving past what looks like fairly dense woods when they spot something in the trees. The footage itself is very dark and quite shaky but clearly there’s something leaning up against the tree as they drive by.

Aside from the lack of stability the video is pretty good quality. I wouldn’t exactly agree that it’s “Best Bigfoot Recording Yet” level but very solid. The whole “best video yet” thing is getting pretty damn old though as you can see in this other “best ever” video.

The biggest issue with this Utah Bigfoot video isn’t the quality however, it’s everything surrounding the video. We know absolute nothing about it. We’re assuming that, for now, the witnesses have decided to remain anonymous. The description of the video mentions that it was taken “recently” but that doesn’t exactly give us any important information. Most importantly we don’t have a location. While Utah isn’t the biggest place on the planet it’s still, you know, an entire state, which isn’t nothing. Unfortunately, all of that leaves us with very little to go by.

Without some basic information we can’t find out if this is a unique sighting in the area or whether it’s part of a larger trend. We can’t know whether this was taken by a credible witness and we certainly can’t ascertain anything remotely close to validity.

That being said, I for one completely understand why you wouldn’t want to publicly claim to have taken video of Bigfoot, lest you forever be known as “those” people by your neighbors for the rest of your life. Who needs that shit.

Unfortunately for us, as so often happens with Bigfoot videos, we get stuck in the mud yet again.

Written by Robert Barnes

Robert is a regular contributor to who focuses on research and technology. There is no bigger UFO fan out there.

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