What’s creepy and what’s not – Every day stuff edition

Our world is full of creepy stuff, as we’ve clearly established already. Sure, there’s the obvious stuff like an abandoned hospital, or an old rickety church, but often what strikes us most is how the every day things around us can suddenly become very creepy.

One of our favorite things going around the office right now is a Tales by Cole Instagram account, check out our post about it here, and there’s a good reason for that. What they do so well is take every day situations and turn them up to a creepy level 11.

One of the things we try to do with our own Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts is not just post about what we do here on the site but give you more creepy, scary and spooky things to take in. I don’t know whether this is just circumstantial but after a few years of doing this what always surprises me is that people tend to like the subtle stuff we post way more than the big, obvious scary things.

In a similar way, this showed through in our Horror Poster Poll we put up a few weeks ago. The simple but eerie posters are much more popular overall. People may like the really creepy stuff but the subtle images, the lone egg on the Alien poster or the priest on the street for the Exorcist, were the ones that had the most impact over the long term.

With all that in mind I wanted to come up with a fast and fun poll for everyone today. The idea is extremely simple.

Are these every day objects creepy, or not?

You get a basic result after every selection but if you’d like to follow us on Twitter we’ll be tweeting out some extra info on the poll over the next few weeks. Just for fun.

Okay creepers, get voting!

  • This cabin in the woods?

    A creepy cabin in the woods
    • Super Creepy
    • Looks like a nice place to visit
  • Then there’s drawings by kids

    A creepy kids drawing
    • This is just wrong!
    • It’s a drawing, get a grip!
  • How about this clown statue?

    creepy clown statue
    • Clowns are terrifying!
    • Is this IT?
  • Then there’s the Lamprey Fish

    creepy lampreys
    • Never going in the water again
    • Can I have one for my aquarium?
  • Is Billie Eilish creepy?

    Creepy Billie Eilish
    • Duh!
    • Just… no.
  • Can trees by creepy?

    A creepy tree
    • Oh yeah
    • Looks like a good climb
  • Ever seen a creepy pizza?

    A creepy pizza
    • I can’t eat that
    • Skip the dishes!
  • Can a dad joke ever be genuinely creepy?

    a creepy dad joke over text message
    • That’s creepy dad, stop it!
    • Hur, hur old man, get the damn bug
  • What about some creepy plants?

    A very creepy plant
    • Mother nature is scary
    • Let’s get a pot and bring it home
  • Okay, who put the damn dolls here?

    Another creepy doll
    • Dolls are terrible!
    • Aww, time for cuddles

Written by Diane Beauregard

With a love for all things supernatural, Diane acts as our community manager taking care of our Instagram and Twitter feeds as well as writing and looking for great videos.

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