What type of creepy paranormal creature would you be?

The world of the paranormal creatures is vast and complex. At one point or another, we’ve all asked ourselves: What creepy thing would I be?

Quit it! We know you have.

We present to you a super scientific, valid and intensely verified quiz to help you figure it all out.

If you don’t like the results, don’t blame us for your issues. We’re not your shrink.

  • Where would you want to live?

    • Near a good high school
    • The house I grew up in
    • I go where the work is
    • Anywhere my fam goes
  • What looks the most appetizing?

    • Brain Candy
    • Ghost Cookie
    • Satan Cake
    • Teen Pizza
  • Which is the best movie?

    • Nightmare
    • Paranormal Activity
    • Shutter
    • 28 Days Later
  • What is your favorite hobby?

    • Molding Clay
    • Knitting
    • Drawing
    • Flower Arranging
  • What would be your pet?

    • Pet Dog
    • Pet Rock
    • Pet Moth
    • A Very Angry Badger
  • What is your favorite outfit?

    • A Good Tracksuit
    • Leather Chaps
    • Light Up Sneakers
    • A Great Apron

Written by Diane Beauregard

With a love for all things supernatural, Diane acts as our community manager taking care of our Instagram and Twitter feeds as well as writing and looking for great videos.

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