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5 amazing Cryptids you may have never heard of

The world of Cryptozoology is wonderful and hugely popular right now. Who hasn’t heard of Big Foot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster or, our personal fav, the El Chupacabra!

As great as the big guys are – you just can’t beat a great Sasquatch story – there’s more to Cryptozoology than you may know about. 

In that spirit, here is 5 amazing Cryptids you may have never heard of but you should definitely know about!

#1 The Bunyip

This guy finds him home Australia and there's so much in the name. Bunyip translated from Aboriginal Australian means Devil or Evil Spirt but some historians now believe a different translation could be "Great Man."

They are most commonly described as part dog, part seal and are almost always found near water. Swampy marshlands being their preferred hang out place. It's said that their loud, curdling cries at night will scare anyone who hears them.

#2 Ebu Gogo

The Ebu Gogo are a legendary Cryptid found in the dense forests of Indonesia. The Nage people have long reported living along side of them for generations. 

It's said they are incredibly fast and are highly resourceful, purposely avoiding any contact with the outside world. Standing about 1.5 Meters tall they use their surroundings better than anyone can imagine. 

#3 Skunk Ape

Known by many names, he's still not that well known by anyone outside of the Cryptid world. 

This guy gets his name from his terrible smell. He's thought to be found in thick and wet marshlands. He's been spotted in Louisiana, Florida and as far up as North Carolina. Many experts believe that this is a variant of the Traditional Forest Sasquatch (Big Foot) that migrated to more Southern and swampier locations.  

#4 Minhocão

Direct translation? Big Earthworm (in Portuguese).

And BIG is right. Reports about this worm have been coming out of Brazil for over 300 years. The most extreme of them say they're upwards of 50 Meters long and 5 Meters across. To this day they're commonly blamed when homes in rural areas collapse for no reason at all. The idea here is that the big worms dig huge trenches under ground causing the surface to become very unstable. 

#5 Thunderbirds

Of the less-known Cryptids, Thunderbirds have the most practical reports. People all over the Northern United States, Canada and Alaska have reported gigantic birds with massive wing spans. 

Often spotted flying above dense forests and mountain ranges, sightings have been coming in since we've been able to write about them. Apparently we're not totally off the menu for these guys either. In 1977 there was an attack on a 10 year old boy in Illinois who's parents swear two giant birds came down and carried the young man off for 30 feet.

Keep your eyes on the sky everyone!

Written by Danny Beauregard

Danny is the founder of and your resident raving loon. When not writing and researching for the site he's busy being a husband and a father.

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