5 Zombie novels that are different and unique

Zombie books are always fun to read, but often time they all seem to have the same flow. Zombie outbreak, people running, people getting bit, people turning into zombies, repeat.  Here I present to you 5 zombie novels that break this mold and showcase different and unique ways to write a zombie book.

#1 HUSK, Corey Redekop

This was probably one of my favorite zombie books I have ever read. It was funny and witty and brutal all at the same time. The main character is a below average looking middle aged gay man trying to be a successful actor. His love life is next to non existence and his work life isn't much better.  His best friend is an indifferent cat he lives with.  His life takes a turn for the better when he unexpectedly becomes undead, possibly from contaminated airplane toilet water. He takes us along what it would be like to wake up in a morgue being, more or less, fully conscious. When his agent finds out of his new condition, she exploits it to the fullest and he is rocketed into fame. He is feared and he is loved, but his life is far from perfect. Life, even in death, rarely is.  Someone always seems to be playing puppeteer in our lives, and he is no exception.

#2 Night of the Living Trekkies, Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall

Jim Pike (Yes! Jim! Pike!) has just been promoted to assistant manager at the hotel he works for.  It's currently hosting a huge Star Trek convention and, unknowingly, hosting the epicentre for a zombie outbreak. Jim has spent most his time back home avoiding his PTSD trauma from his horrible tour in Afghanistan but, this lovely Friday night, he will be thrown back in the thick of it. Will he and his female lead companion, a mysterious woman dressed as Princess Leia, be able to survive the night and get out alive? The characters are incredibly charming and easy to love. This book is hilarious, witty and yet just scary enough to make this a truly well rounded zombie novel.

#3 Dust (The Resurgam Trilogy, Book 1), Joan Frances Turner

This book is NOT for the faint of heart. Many who have tried reading it were not able to finish it because of how gory it was.  I know, I know, it's a zombie book, it's suppose to be gory, but Joan takes gore to a whole new level.  She also takes your idea of what a zombie is to a different level.  This book is a first hand account of what it could be like being a zombie that can think, feel and even communicate with each other. The lead character is a female zombie named Jessie. She comes back from the dead after a horrible car accident.  In this zombie telling, zombies do not have to be bit to rise again.  You follow her as she learns the gruesome ropes of what it is like to be undead. She's still decomposing and slowly turning into dust. Her and her undead companions are invisibly drawn to a shore where long ago, something...happened...

#4 Alice in Zombieland (Book #1), Gena Showalter

Falling down a rabbit hole is never fun, especially when it's realizing your wold is invaded by invisible monsters. As a little girl, Ali and her younger sister were captors of their crazy fathers fears only he could see. Their young lives were full of weird rules their father imposed on them believing he was keeping them safe. Ali life drastically changes when she looses her dad, mom and her beloved younger sister in a horrible car accident. This is Ali changing point in life. Deep down she goes, finding out how sane her father actually was. The undead are real and they are coming for her. With the help of a cute teen boy who, on the outside, looks only to be a troubled youth, she embarks on adventures of revenge and even love. Zombies not everyone can see isn't even the scariest thing Ali will have to face. This is her rabbit hole and there is no turning back. Can Ali handle how deep it truly goes.

#5 Day by day armageddon, J.L. Bourne

New years is a great time to start a resolution. Lucky for us, an ex US Navel Officer does just that and we get to find out his chilling day by day experience thru a zombie apocalypse. The writing style is unique and fun and keeps you engaged. There is no end to the suspense and action just as you would expect when you have flesh eating zombies after you. He picks up other survivors on his way and together they live what feels like impossible odds. This book made me feel like there was no way I could ever survive in a zombie infested world because of how hard they fight to stay alive. The ending is a gut wrenching cliff hanger and I'm dying to read the next book in the series.

Written by Diane Beauregard

With a love for all things supernatural, Diane acts as our community manager taking care of our Instagram and Twitter feeds as well as writing and looking for great videos.

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