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The Nazi Moon Base and its Fun Origin Story

There’s the JFK assassination, the faked moon landing, subliminal advertising, the Princess Diana murder, the Roswell crash, big Pharma and of course, 9/11. All massive conspiracy theories that simply refuse to go away.

This though… This is a different beast altogether.

Let’s try to get through this next sentence with a straight face. Deal?

This particular theory states that in the early 1940s, or thereabouts, the Nazis established a super-secret space program which, at its peak, not only landed on the moon 21 years before the Apollo missions BUT established a base.

Yup a base on the moon. In space. Up there.

I’m not joking. This is a thing.

We’re not going down the road of their being a tiny bit of evidence of this being true, that’s a trap that leaves us all a little less clever after we’re done spending time together. Instead, let’s take a look at when this little theory came about and how in the hell anyone in their right mind could think it holds any weight.

A clear timeline of when the Nazi Moon Base was first mentioned is a little fuzzy and, if we’re going to be perfectly fair, the idea is tied to a few historical facts we have to acknowledge.

The first is that everyone’s favorite bad guys, the Nazis, had one hell of a ballistic rocket program going on during WWII. Germany had some of the best scientific minds on Earth working on how to get a rocket up in the air fast, how to direct that towards a location and then how to make a big boom happen once it got there.

After that, we should consider that the Nazis really, really, REALLY loved their secret bases. Like, they were crazy AF for them. They put a massive amount of resources towards building and maintaining VERY secret and VERY operational bases around the globe that, to this day, we’re still uncovering.

Lastly, we can’t forget the Nazi not-so-secret-fun-time-hobby of building UFOs. Not exactly a direct line to a Moon Base but it does point to some wacky ideas being thrown around boardrooms at the time.

Now, while keeping all these points in our very open mind, when do we take a leap to getting to the moon to set up a cool bad guy base?

Well, according to Dr. Vladimir Terziski, a Bulgarian Conspiracy Theorist who has devoted quite a bit of time to some pretty “out-there” Nazi theories, it happened right around 1945 or so.

A collection of pretty smart guys.

In a number of speeches by Dr. Terziski, this was right around the time when there was a very literal arms race between the Americans and Russians to cordially recruit (read as: capture) newly unemployed German rocket scientists.

Terziski claims to have evidence that a number of these now-American scientists reported to their new bosses that none other than Hitler had indeed ordered famous scientist, and SS General, Hans Kammler to start a space program and incredibly, it did quite well.

Not only had the Nazis succeeded in reaching the moon, they reported, but by the wars end they managed to build a small but functional base.

That’s no moon – that’s a Nazi base!

Of course, this sort of information would have been kept secret but over the years, small rumors have cropped up in various conspiracy circles.

Yup, that’s a tank on the moon. Maybe.

Fast forward to within the last 20 years and we’ve seen a few B-Movies made on the subject, we’re looking at you Iron Sky, a book or two that included some vague theories and someone even released a picture of what is thought to be a German tank on the surface of the Moon.

It’s incredibly important, and equally predictable, to point out at this stage that while Terziski continues to claim he has evidence that proves all of his theories, he has yet to provide anything tangible. Ever.

Further to that, of the German scientists that made their way to America and Russia, not a single one ever confirmed the existence of a space program of any kind during Nazi rule.

So, no definable timeline, no practical evidence, no official confirmation by anyone AND, to top it all off, a theory largely promoted by so-bad-they’re-good movies and questionable researchers.

Not as bad the NASA engineer who once said there was an alien mothership hanging around the rings of Saturn or the supposedly declassified files about Russia and America trying to blow up the moon but still pretty out there.

My motto when it comes to these things is: “never say never” but damn… Until we see a tiny glimmer of reality, a theory this far out in space just doesn’t have any legs.

Even if it’s fun as hell to think about.

Written by Robert Barnes

Robert is a regular contributor to who focuses on research and technology. There is no bigger UFO fan out there.

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