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Ghost caught on a home Security Camera

As you can see, this Ghost caught on a home security camera is pretty great. I have to say Creepers, I’m absolutely loving all the paranormal footage we’re getting around the internet from these easy-to-install security devices.

Seriously, just check out or r/ghost, it’s filled to the absolute brim with these kinds of posts. I really do think we’re going through a golden age of paranormal footage right now.

This particular video was taken on the 8th of August in the Long Island residence of Joey Nolan at about 1am. You can clearly see what looks like an apparition come into the main room, down the stairs and then up again. That’s a busy little spirit right there.

Mr. Nolan uploaded the video to his YouTube channel and its gotten a fair bit of attention since. With good reason in my humble opinion. It’s been commented that this looks a lot like a child and some have said they see a pet with the little ghost but I have to admit, I can’t see that myself.

Some have pointed out that this ghost caught on camera might just be dust or a digital impression but that doesn’t really hold up for me. The object is so clearly moving in an obvious direction and at a constant rate of speed, dust just doesn’t really fit. When a camera catches dust or digital light, the movement is more random and much less predictable. Whatever is in this video it’s moving with purpose.

Many people have brought up the cat in the video, you can see the feline to the left of the gate being pretty chill on the floor. The comments usually bring up that the cat doesn’t seem to react to anything and that means that it’s not a spirit. To that we respond in three parts. First, it’s certainly never been proven that animals have any sort of reaction to ghosts. Two, it’s very possible the ghost being around is old news to the cat. Three, since when do cats give a crap about anything when they’re not in the mood?

Joey has reported to others that he’s planning on digging into some of the history of the house and some have suggested that he also look into the land. Never know when you’ve bought a house on some ancient burial grounds, am I right?

Written by Danny Beauregard

Danny is the founder of and your resident raving loon. When not writing and researching for the site he's busy being a husband and a father.

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