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Ghost hunters trapped in cell during haunted tour

A group of ghost hunters got the creeps they were looking for last week.

On July 21st a ghost hunting tour of an old Police Station in Lancashire, England was inexplicably locked in an old cell. As they made their way into the supposedly haunted cell the main door, which was thought to be impossible to close, suddenly shut. They were unable to reopen the door, trapping everyone inside.

The ghost hunting party was part of a group called the Most Haunted Experience ghost hunt. The hunt gives the public a chance to tag along with an actual Paranormal Group.

Once trapped the Lancashire Fire Department was called to come bail everyone out. A spokesperson for the fire service reported that the old door had to be opened with a saw. Group organizers kept everyone calm, well fed and well hydrated throughout the lock in. Everyone was released safely shortly after three in the morning.

Head of the ghost hunting group, Jenny Bryant, says she’s not sure what happened. The door should have been impossible to close.

“There is lots of the stuff which cannot be explained and we can’t marry it all up,” she said. 

“We are still investigating but we are looking to put wooden blocks in the lock so it won’t happen again.”

In total there were seven guests in the group that night, along with a police officer and several team members.

“The guests were looked after during the whole situation and we made sure they were safe and got some drink. They were all upbeat and everyone was fine,” Bryant added.

Whether what happened to the ghost hunting group was paranormal or not remains to be seen but it does highlight an important point. Expeditions like this are a great way to experience a haunted environment and stay safe. It may not be the same as exploring places on your own but there’s always someone there to look after you if something goes wrong.

That’s worth the price of admission.

Written by Danny Beauregard

Danny is the founder of and your resident raving loon. When not writing and researching for the site he's busy being a husband and a father.

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