Female inmates at Tihar Jail hear ghostly wailing
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Ghostly wailing terrorizes female inmates in India

The Times of India is reporting that a group of female inmates in the Tihar jail are being terrorized by a ghostly wailing coming from an unknown source. They’re reporting the screeching sounds are so horrible that the women are quite literally losing their minds.

There’s a fair measure of confusing information about this story out there already. We actually made some phones calls to poke around a bit – sorry Creepers we couldn’t fly off the India today – and the deeper we dug, the creepier things got. Do keep in mind that no one, and we mean NOBODY, wanted to go on the record with any of this. So consider all of this unsubstantiated at best.

You should also be warned that a good amount of what we found is quite sad, disturbing and involves suicide. Please, if you’re sensitive to any of this, don’t keep reading. Maybe go check out the Green Orb UFO video that was caught in Louisiana.

It seems that a few months ago a female prisoner was admitted to Tihar jail and almost immediately caused some serious problems. Every morning, at around 2 am, she would wail for hours, waking up the other female inmates in the process. The situation became quite intense as the other women began to act out as the wailing happened, further disrupting the jail.

Sadly the woman found a way to take her own life and, for a time, the constant screaming stopped. Now, they say, the ghostly wailing has returned and there’s no telling where it’s coming from.

Our sources say that the women in the jail believe that it’s the ghost of the woman who committed suicide come back to further harass the inmates. It’s been reported that the ghostly wailing sounds exactly like of the woman who took her own life AND that it’s happening at the exact same time, 2 am, making everything that much creepier. As if that wasn’t bad enough, some are reporting the sound is occasionally happening during the day also.

The inmates were quite upset when this sound was coming from a live woman. Now that they think it’s coming from a dead person the mood of the jail has hit a fever-pitch.

Some have rightly mentioned that this may very well be a case of mass-delusion. All it takes is one inmate trying to mess with everyone and this sort of story can take off like wildfire in this sort of environment. It’s not as if that sort of thing is unheard of in jails.

Still, the people we spoke with say there’s a fair amount of uncertainty going on right now. And that’s definitely not what you want in a jail.

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