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Giant face in Antarctica discovered using Google Earth

Giant Face discovered in Antarctica

A giant face has been discovered in Antarctica using Google Earth and it’s incredibly cool. We’ve talked about this type of digital archaeology before and this seems to be yet another excellent example of what can happen when you give people access to semi-high resolution satellite imagery.

An intrepid Google Earth hunter discovered this bad boy while scouring the earth for anomalies last week. They released the news on the ufo_scadanavia Instagram with this post.

Before you start thinking this was the use of some clever editing or image manipulation you should know that you can verify the face yourself by checking out the coordinates at 72°00′ 36.00” S , 168° 34′ 40.00” E. Once you get there, it’s pretty damn creepy. When you start considering the dimensions things start getting even more amazing.

Various sources are now reporting that the giant face in Antarctica is massive. Using digital measuring tools the mountain side face is coming in at 2,500 to 3,000 feet long, the width of the mouth is approximately 420 feet wide and the one visible eye is nearly 520 feet wide. That’s a lot of rock.

Obviously since this news broke there’s been a lot of speculation, debate and commentating on just about every angle of this thing. For many years there’s been a considerable amount of conversation in the UFO / Extraterrestrial circles of Antarctica being an ancient alien hub complete with underground tunnels and massive complexes with lots of tech. While we don’t usually get into the conspiracy side of things here, this certainly does add fuel to the fire of people claiming there’s something there.

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that there’s a very large possibility that is just a naturally face’ish looking landscape. Given the amount of mountain ranges on our funky little planet you’re bound to have a few that look like something when seen at the right angle.

Whatever side you fall on when it comes to the giant face in Antarctica, it’s pretty incredible evidence that we’re still discovering some amazing things on our very own bubble in the universe.

Next steps, go get some drones over that big boy and see what’s what. Who’s up for a trip to see the penguins?

Written by Danny Beauregard

Danny is the founder of and your resident raving loon. When not writing and researching for the site he's busy being a husband and a father.

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