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Green Orb UFO video recorded in Lafayette

A video uploaded yesterday to the Hot 107.9 YouTube channel shows a very clear Green Orb UFO hovering above Lafayette, Louisiana.

While the video may be short, the resolution is excellent and you can easily make out the orb. Pretty great stuff actually. The individual who originally sent in this video wrote that she has several UFO groups contacting her about other Orb UFO cases they have open.

And they’re not kidding.

Lafayette has become a relative hot bed of UFO activity. Since 2018 the surrounding area has seen upwards of 20 credible UFO reports. Many of these are of the Green Orb UFO variety. Then last summer we had THIS VIDEO published with tons of residents coming forward saying they were seeing the same thing.

Overall it’s been a pretty great time for Orb UFOs all over world. Just last week we got this amazing footage of a fleet of UFOs moving over Wyoming.

In the case of todays Green Orb UFO video, even Chris Reed from Kpel965 says he’s seen something in the area.

“I want to note here, I too have spotted something like this over Lafayette. The only difference, the four lights that I saw over the same area were orange.” He wrote in his own post about the video.

Admittedly, my initial reaction to the video was that this was a light either in or on-top an office building in the area. A small-aircraft beacon or cell tower. They basically look exactly like this. To that point, people who know the area have chimed in on the internet and they all seem to say the say the same thing. They know the area and there’s nothing there that could explain this. They seem to feel that this object is most certainly in the sky.

Put it all together and you can’t help but admit this is pretty compelling video of a Green Orb UFO. Now the big question: What’s going on in Louisiana that has these things so interested?

Written by Robert Barnes

Robert is a regular contributor to who focuses on research and technology. There is no bigger UFO fan out there.

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