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Pennywise doll from IT floats into New Jersey backyard

Pennywise Doll floated into New Jersey Backyard

A Pennywise doll from the movie IT has mysteriously floated into a couples New Jersey backyard and I’m just sitting here wondering what the hell is up with you all. Why the dolls everywhere? I thought we went over this; dolls are terrible!

Just to be clear here, I don’t find Pennywise, or IT (recent movies, mini-series or book) particularly creepy. I liked the book, the newer movie was fun to watch but I didn’t find scary or anything like that. But then you guys start turning them into dolls and you all know how I feel about that… it’s just not cool, you know?

As reported on, Renee Jensen and her boyfriend, Alex, were chilling out in their Harrington Park backyard when a Pennywise doll came floating out of nowhere, perfectly clearing a set of trees, landing very close to where they were standing.

Now, as a guy with a house, this isn’t altogether strange. Neighbourhoods with kids can have lots of toys and other stuff flying around, I’ve had to throw a few things back over the fence over the years. This… this is different.

Renee describes the dolls entrance as completely bizarre. It cleared a large row of trees effortlessly, truly as if it was floating or being lifted into the air. It came out of nowhere, with no other sounds present when it appeared. She also mentions that they only have one immediate neighbour close by and they were definitely not around at the time nor would they be inclined to do this sort of thing. Then there’s the doll itself.

The Pennywise Doll that landed in Jensen’s backyard that day has what looks like fake blood smeared all over its face, especially around the mouth. Strange symbols are written in black on its forehead that seemingly have no meaning.

After calling the police, who were equally stumped, Renee and Alex did the only reasonable thing you can do in a situation like this – they burned the damn thing!

I completely this support this move and I’d probably consider a long-term vacation, I don’t care how nice a neighbourhood you live in.

Before we move on here Creepers, can we take a moment to chat? I know this is most likely some sort of marketing thing, IT Chapter 2 is coming out in theatres soon after all, but can we just leave the dolls out of it for a while. I think a Pennywise Doll is sufficiently creepy, we don’t need to float them in and out backyards to make it worse.

Written by Danny Beauregard

Danny is the founder of and your resident raving loon. When not writing and researching for the site he's busy being a husband and a father.

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