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Spectacular footage of UFO fleet over Wyoming

It’s always fun when we get great UFO footage.

This video was taken by Bradley Ries of Casper, Wyoming last Friday night. It shows a large group of fast moving objects flying in what looks like a formation. The video provides some very solid zoomed in and out shots and the lights are particularly well lit thanks to the dusky sky.

Bradley commented that he thought these might be drones because of the flying pattern and that they were flying in the direction of a local airport. Then he realized they were very close and made absolutely ZERO sound. If you’ve ever been near drones you’ll know they make a surprising amount of noise, especially when in groups and moving at speed.

Local aviation authorities have been contacted but they’ve failed to confirm they knew of anything resembling this formation in the sky on this particular night.

Something to keep in mind is that the Francis E. Warren Air Force Base is in Cheyenne, Wyoming, which is approximately 150 miles away (just under a 3 hour drive). That’s a fair distance but certainly well within range of military grade drones.

Whatever these were, it’s a great video that get’s the UFO juices going!

Written by Robert Barnes

Robert is a regular contributor to who focuses on research and technology. There is no bigger UFO fan out there.

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