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Statue found on Mars – or a pretty set of rocks

Statue found on Mars image provided by NASA

A real statue found on Mars would be pretty BIG news and that’s why I love this stuff. I mean, we know this isn’t exactly THAT but it’s always great to see what people come up with.

Scott C. Warring is someone who does this sort of digital archeology very well. His website,, is filled to the brim with analyzed imagery. I highly recommend you take some time and give it a visit.

(No, this isn’t a sponsored post, stop being so freaking cynical.)

In the case of the statue found on Mars, what we see is a very distinct rock formation that Scott spotted on an image posted to NASA’s site. This is Mr. Warring’s post on his website, complete with the magnified version of the image and the rock formation being highlighted. In the post Scott proposes that this may very well be what martians look like. I think once you see the images you’ll get a good idea of why says this. It is a ridiculously fun idea.

The image below is NOT from ETdatabase. Since we didn’t ask permission I didn’t want to just rip off his pictures (that’s not cool yo!). What you’ll see next is a copy of the original image from NASA, then the exact same image with an arrow pointing towards the formation and then a magnification of the image focused on the formation.

The statue found on mars pictures in the full size image provided by NASA.
Full image provided by NASA
The statue found on mars pictures in the full size image provided by NASA with an arrow pointing towards the formation.
Original NASA Image with an arrow
The statue found on mars magnified and circled based on the original full size NASA image.
Magnified image with the formation circled

Not to put too fine on his, and I don’t want you to leave or anything, but the ETdatabase post does this really well so please don’t consider these a replacement. Their versions are definitely worth checking out.

Like I said though, pretty interesting stuff. I have to admit that the damn thing looks a lot like a statue. Not in a: “Holy crap… Aliens!” kind of way but definitely in a: “Heh… That’s cool!” way.

We’ve written about this sort of thing before, you can check out some holes on Mars HERE if you’d like. That’s called interlinking! It’s good for our site but, also, it’s a really cool image.

Genuinely though, I love these images and the work that goes into them. Both by NASA and people like Mr. Warring.

Written by Robert Barnes

Robert is a regular contributor to who focuses on research and technology. There is no bigger UFO fan out there.

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