The ghost of Sergei Yenesin is warning Americans
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The ghost of Sergei Yesenin is trying to warn Americans

The ghost of Sergei Yesenin is trying to warn Americans of some sort of terrible event coming soon. That’s what the people who run the Yesenin Center museum in central Moscow are saying.

How do they know this? Well, in this particular instance, it’s all about a shadow. We have to take a few leaps for this to make sense so follow as best as you can creepers.

The news comes from the a press conference put together by the museum dedicated to the revolutionary poet who died at age 30 in 1925. The press conference included Mikhail Miller, self-anointed Paranormal expert, who states that the ghost of Sergei Yesenin is trying warn Americans. How did he get to this? Put down the shark, we’re jumping now.

In 1922, Yesenin received permission to accompany his American wife, dancer Isadora Duncan, as she performed in the States. It would seem that young Sergei became quite captivated by America. When back home he wrote to friends about the far away contradictory country. In particular, the famous American boardwalk on Broadway inspired an essay he wrote called Iron Mirgorod.

This isn’t to say he felt much love for America. In a letter to friend Alexander Sakharov he wrote: “What can I tell you about this awful kingdom of bourgeoisie that borders on idiocy? There is nothing here, except the foxtrot. Gobbling, drinking and again foxtrotting. I haven’t yet met a real human here and don’t know where to search for him. Mister dollar is terribly fashionable, and they don’t give a damn about art – the most sophisticated thing for them is the music hall.”

Harsh Sergei, very harsh…

It would seem Yesenin’s spirit is feeling a little more generous about the Americans now. The Moscow Times is reporting that a museum security guard has seen, and recorded, a distinct “Yesenin-like” shadow moving across the ground in front of the museum for nearly 5 seconds.

The press conference, complete with video of terrified security guard scurrying away from a shadow, was to announce their belief that this [shadow] is a sign from the dead poet. The basis being that Yesenin’s 100th anniversary of his visit to America is coming in 2022 and this is part of the poets ramp-up to warn Americans of a terrible event about to happen.

That’s a pretty obscure connection for a ghost, even if it is Russian. Spirits like Bloody Mary and other hauntings usually prefer a more direct message. At best, it’s a hell of a leap.

Unfortunately we haven’t gotten our hands on the video just yet, we’ll update you all as soon as we do of course. For now, I think we should thank the of ghost of Sergei Yesenin and maybe ask him to stop scaring innocent museum workers.

Written by Diane Beauregard

With a love for all things supernatural, Diane acts as our community manager taking care of our Instagram and Twitter feeds as well as writing and looking for great videos.

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