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Top Republicans pushing American Navy for better UFO investigation

An unfortunate byproduct of UFO and Extraterrestrial investigation and reporting is that many people get pushed off to the side. Usually relegated to fringe reporting.

American military and, at least a few, American political leaders are however starting to take the subject a little more seriously.

In the wake of increased unidentified aerial phenomenon the Navy recently updated its own Reporting policies and has increased resources to investigate sightings.

Republican Mark Walker of North Carolina is encouraged by the changes but wants to see more done. In a letter to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer in mid-July he whote:

“Based on pilot accounts, encounters with these UAPs often involved complex flight patterns and advanced maneuvering, which demand extreme advances in quantum mechanics, nuclear science, electromagnetics, and thermodynamics.”

Rep. Mark Walker is the ranking member of the Intelligence and Counterterrorism Subcommittee so when this guy sends a letter, you open it and you take it seriously.

“If the accounts are true,” Walker added, “the unidentified crafts could pose a serious security risk to our military personnel and defense apparatus.”

In the letter Walker explains while is he is pleased with the proactive nature of the Navi on updating its reporting guidelines, he is concerned that reports are not being fully investigated and fully understood.

Clearly what we’re seeing here is the realization by both the Navy and political leaders that you cannot continue to ignore this issue. Whether this is ultimately the best group of people to do this however, remains to be seen.

Written by Robert Barnes

Robert is a regular contributor to who focuses on research and technology. There is no bigger UFO fan out there.

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